About Us
Advanced Geotechnical Solutions, Inc. (AGS) is a recently created, privately held geotechnical engineering and engineering geology consulting firm serving the entire state of California.

With a collective total of over 80 years experience consulting to the construction industry from our founders, our key staff members are degreed and professionally licensed in Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and/or Engineering Geology. Each member continues to pursue research and studies in their various fields of expertise to be able to bring you the most current tools and information.

Supplementing our key personnel is a group of highly experienced sub-consultants. By utilizing these consultants as needed, AGS can reduce overhead costs but maintain our high quality of services while keeping the workflow appropriate for each job’s requirement.

By utilizing the project team approach for the execution of all projects, AGS is able to exceed your needs by focusing on your response, reality-based design, and value engineering. Each project has one primary point of contact, the Project Manager, who is an expert in the field.

menlo equities development

AGS site overview of new Menlo Equities commercial development

The strength of the AGS organization is built upon proactive client service, practical solutions and the “hands on” involvement of the principals on all projects.

Responsible for managing the performance of the project team, the Project Manager reviews every critical aspect of assigned projects including detailed review of documents and budget tracking. Because the Project Manager is fully authorized to administer every aspect of the contract, we can quickly provide the right amount of services you need while maintaining cost control.

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions includes technical staff, administrative services, financial services, and human resources to support the Project Manger in the execution of their duties, and to complete your jobs with the highest speed and quality. We will be there to work with your staff from the beginning of the project until its completion.

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